KellyMed KL-602 Syringe Driver – Single Channel

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The KellyMed KL-602 Syringe Driver is a single channel pump that won’t break the bank – uses generic consumables, ideal for your department.

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KellyMed KL-602 Syringe Driver – Single Channel

KellyMed KL-602 is a high-quality syringe driver. The flow rate can be set in 0.1ml/h increments for added accuracy.  Has a low running noise, and three working modes. A nice feature of the KL-602 is the built-in syringe data for 10 brands, plus two of your adding.


2.4 inch LCD display
4 kinds of injection modes, easy, flow rate, time-based, body weight
Built-in 20 kinds of syringe brand (5 international) and support two custom syringe
Applicable to various standard syringes 10, 20, 30, 50 /60 ml, and syringe size automatic identification
Anti-bolus function with three gradings(H,M,L)
12 kinds of Audio-Visual alarms ensure further safety
Automatically transfer to KVO speed operation upon preset goal is completed
Real-time display of total injection volume, easy for clinical observation
Extensive injection rate range, from 0.1ml to 1300 ml/h, in 0.1ml/h increments
Easy input by Keyboard or shuttle key
A rechargeable Ni-MH battery keeps the machine above 5 hours running under 5 m/L
The memory of the last running parameters even under power off
Stackable for multiple channels
PX3, Class II, Type CF

KellyMed KL-602 Syringe Driver – Single Channel Specifications

Pumping mechanism: Screw Transmission
Dimensions: 314 x 167 x140 mm (W×D×H)
Weight approximately: 2.5Kg
Waterproof classification: IPX3

Syringe & Accuracy

Syringe size: Automatic detection
Applicable to 10, 20, 30, 50/60ml
IV pole Acceptable to all kinds of IV pole
VTBI range: 0.1-9999ml, 1000ml in 0.1ml increments, ≥1000ml in 1ml increments

Delivery rate

0.1-400ml/h for 10ml syringe
0.1-600ml/h for 20ml syringe
0.1-900ml/h for 30ml syringe
0.1-1300ml/h for 50/60ml syringe

Purge rate

400ml/h for 10ml syringe600ml/h for 20ml syringe
900ml/h for 30ml syringe
1300ml/h for 50/60ml syringe

Injection accuracy: ±2% (mechanical accuracy≤1%)

Injection mode:

Easy mode
Flow rate: ml/min, ml/h
Body weight: mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min, ug/kg/h
KVO rate: 0.1-1ml/h(0.1ml/h increments)
Anti-bolus: Anti-bolus system reduce pressure on sudden release of occlusion
Occlusion Sensitivity: 3 levels: High/ Medium/ Low


Alarms :

Audible and visual alarm: 12 kinds: Occlusion, near empty, end program, low battery, end battery, AC power off, motor malfunction, system malfunction, reminder alarm, pressure sensor error, syringe installation error, syringe drop off


Power supply(AC): 220±22/110V(optional), 50/60Hz
Battery(DC): 9.6±1.6V, Ni-MH, rechargeable
Battery /operation/charging: Ni-MH/ 7 hours (at 5ml/h) / more than 10 hours
Power consumption: ≤15VA
Safety classification: Class II, Type CF


Operation temperature: 5~40℃
Working relative humidity: 20~90% (no condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: 860-1060 hpa
Storage temperature  -20~+50
Storage relative humidity       ≤93% (no condensation)

Extended function

Drug library Available, 67 prescribed medicines and drugs

Standard configured consumables

Packed with pump      1 pc 30ml syringe
Optional          IV pole

Additional information
Weight5 kg


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