Soniclean S-2800 38L Ultrasonic Performance Meter UPM

S-2800 38L

Before first use, turn the ultrasonic cleaner on for a few minutes to degas. Lower the UPM probe into the tank so the probe head is completely submerged. With the probe held still, press the central push button on the meter unit. Performance measurements will be made and displayed on the bar graph continuously until the button is released. Record your results as specified in your user manual for your device model.

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Soniclean S-2800 38L Ultrasonic Performance Meter UPM

The UPM provides a fast, convenient and clean way to verify the operation of your Soniclean ultrasonic cleaner. The UPM mimics the typical hand-held foil testing method used for validating performance, without depositing aluminium particles into the cleaning medium, minimising cleanup and interruptions to valuable workflows. The UPM is an essential tool for those who wish to track the performance and efficacy of their device, ensuring confidence that it is operating as we promise.

Prior to use, it is essential that a benchmark is measured against a valid foil test. Using the same, yet fresh liquid medium as you would use to clean your items, conduct a foil test. If the test proves valid, follow the directions on your user manual for the appropriate UPM model (please note there are subtle differences in use and recording/ reporting formats).


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