Vitalograph Pneumotrac “New” 6 PC Spirometer

The next generation Pneumotrac™ Spirometer combined with our new and improved Spirotrac® software is a powerful and…

$3,500 + GST

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Vitalograph Alpha Spirometer

Designed for testing on the go, remotely or in a clinic, the Alpha is our ultimate desktop spirometry solution. The…

$3,900 + GST

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Vitlograph In2itive Spirometer

Lightweight handheld spirometer providing portability with PC and network connectivity through Spirotrac® Software. For…

$4,500 + GST

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ndd EasyOen Air Spirometer

NDD EasyOne® Air Spirometer

A commonly used spirometer, the NDD EasyOne® Air Spirometer will perform to your expectations. Perfect for your clinic…

$5,200 + GST

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Vitalograph 20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces 200 Carton

Another Vitalogrpah tool for fighting against cross-infection,  the Vitalograph 20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces will help…

$290 + GST

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Vitalograph 28501 BVF Filter Mouthpieces 100/Carton

An economic version of the 28350 filter, the 28501 will reduce your running costs without compromise.

$225 + GST

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Vitalograph Calibration Syringe

Vitalograph precision syringes provide quick and easy accuracy checks with reliability and fast verification. The 3L…

$780 + GST

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Vitalograph Micro Spirometer – NEW GEN

A simple handheld spirometer ideal for workplace and screening for lung function abnormalities. Small, compact, and…

$2,200 + GST

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