Caremed 500ml Disposable Pressure Infusor

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Caremed 1000ml Reusable Pressure Infusor is the perfect solution where a manual device is required.

0-300mmhg with bulb and control valve.

Caremed is FDA and Cew certified for your assurance

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Caremed 500ml Disposable Pressure Infusor 

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The Caremed Pi10R is an economic solution application here an infusor is required. If a disposable version is required, search for “Caremed Disposable Infusor”

  1. Pressure Infuser:
    • Purpose: A pressure infuser is primarily used to pressurize IV bags containing fluids (such as saline or medications).
    • Mechanism: It manually increases the pressure inside the bag, allowing for faster infusion into the patient’s bloodstream.
    • Application: Commonly used during emergency situations or when rapid fluid administration is necessary.
  2. Infusion Pump:
    • Purpose: An infusion pump delivers fluids, medications, or nutrients at a controlled rate into the patient’s body.
    • Mechanism: It uses an automated system to regulate the flow, ensuring precise dosing over a specified time.
    • Application: Used for continuous or intermittent infusions in various medical settings (e.g., hospitals, clinics).

In summary, pressure infusers provide manual pressure for faster infusion, while infusion pumps automate the process for accurate and controlled delivery

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