Fanem Duetto® 2386 Hybrid Neonatal Incubator Warmer

Fanem Duetto® 2386 Hybrid Incubator Warmer is a brand new release that offers an easy transition from delivery to NICU care, ideal for smaller hospitals.

Loaded with features, an affordable solution for your delivery suite and NICU

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Fanem Duetto® 2386 Hybrid Neonatal Incubator Warmer

The Duetto® 2386 is a groundbreaking piece of equipment manufactured in Brazil. It serves as both a neonatal incubator and an open radiant heat intensive care unit.

Developed to the highest technological standards, it offers extensive and safe treatment in various scenarios. Notably, its functionalities expedite emergency care and minimize patient movement, reducing stress.

The design prioritizes safety, infection control, and operator comfort. Additionally, the modern monitor features a new interface layout, including a multi-color alarm indicator and a 360º diffuser, enhancing visibility and ease of use during patient positioning

Fanem Duetto® 2386 Hybrid Neonatal Incubator Warmer – Standard Deluxe Config:

  • 2386 – Unit of control with touch screen display Servo-controlled humidity system
  • Intelligent alarms and auto-test
  • Complete patient access and visibility8 tube inserts and 5 hatches, besides a special tube insert at the head of the unit
  • Bed protector with sterilizable tube inserts
  • 360° roration bed with gentle inclination adjustment operated by the external part of the hood Four 5” casters
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • X-Ray system operated outside the hood
  • Ergonomic support with side pedals for height adjustment and opening of the hood
  • Shelf, serum holder, and pole for infusion pump
  • O2 controlling kit, servo-controlled with 2 Oxygen Cells (built-in)
  • Weighting scale (built-in)
  • By Pass Drawer

Fanem Duetto® 2386 Hybrid Neonatal Incubator Warmer – Features

  • Touchscreen monitor;
  • Buttons for conversion between an incubator and radiant infant warmer mode;
  • Pedal for converting from incubator mode to the radiant infant warmer;
  • X-ray cassette drawer;
  • Audible and visual safety alarms;
  • External access devices to minimize contact with the patient and the internal environment of the incubator;
  • Independent air and oxygen inlets, with filters;
  • Information on the monitor can be set for different languages;
  • Indication of date, time, and trend curves with history;
  • Indication of the proportional power level of the heating element;
  • Set points and alarm limits saved in the memory;
  • Automatic auto-test system;
  • In-bed scale;
  • Programmable servo control humidity system;
  • Programmable O2 servo control system;
  • Adjustable height ergonomic support;
  • Auxiliary skin temperature sensor – T2;
  • Drawer for storing material;
  • Programmable servo control temperature and oxygen concentration system;
  • Redundant safety system, with the auto shutdown of the heating system in the event of high temperatures;
  • Pole for infusion pump and IV pole.
  • Supply voltage – 100 to 240 V~
  • Maximum input power – 1100 VA
  • Mains frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Height with hood down: 147 cm (min.) – 167 cm (max.)
  • Height with hood up: 209 cm (min.) – 229 cm (max.)
  • Depth: 105 cm
  • Weight: 175 kg
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Weight50 kg

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