Clements Ceevac Portable Suction Pump

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Clements Ceevac Portable Suction Pump for your true portable applications. Small, versatile and powerful for its size.

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Clements Ceevac Portable Suction Pump

Ceevac continues the tradition of the Clements CarriVac, providing the same dependable level of performance in a lighter, more compact form factor. Ceevac offers the convenience of a lightweight, fully portable suction source with the versatility of three different power sources – mains power, vehicle 12 volt DC and an internal rechargeable battery. Designed for high vacuum performance, reliability and minimal maintenance, Ceevac is ideal for emergency services, home use or as an alternative to wall suction.

Clements Ceevac Portable Suction Pump – Features:

• Maximum Vacuum: -80 kPa [ -600 mmHg]
• Maximum Flow : 21 litres/minute
• 60 minute battery run time
• Direct vacuum regulation

Compact and lightweight Supplied ready to use with:

• 1L Reusable jar x1
• Silicone 8 x 14 mm suction tubing, 150 cm x1, 18 cm x2
• Hydrophobic / antibacterial filter x1
• Stepped conical tubing connector x1
• Power pack / Charger x1
• Vehicle power lead



High Vacuum High Flow Mains / Battery Operated Portable Suction Pump with 1 x 1L Reusable Collection Jar, Bacterial/Hydrophobic Filter and Silicone Suction Tubing Set, Power Pack / Charger, Vehicle Power Lead

Power Rating: 100 – 240V 50/60Hz 100 VA
Maximum Vacuum: -80 kPa, [-600 mmHg]
Maximum Flow Rate: 21 L/min (through jar) 32 L/min (free air)
Gauge 40 mm diameter, Bourdon tube type, dual scale, graduated in kPa and mmHg
Gauge Range: 0 to -100 kPa graduated at 5 kPa 0 to -760 mmHg graduated at 20 mmHg
Vacuum Regulator: Needle valve type
Pump type: Piston – motor and pump combined
Collection Canister: 1 Litre autoclavable, shatterproof polycarbonate jar
Optional: 1 Litre disposable liner jar, 2 Litre disposable liner jar Overflow Protection: Float valve mechanism / Hydrophobic filter
Internal Battery: Fully sealed, replaceable SLA
Battery Run Time: 60 minutes
Battery Indicator: Charging / Low Battery LED / Low Battery Beeper
Battery Charger: External Charging Time 4 hours
Dimensions: 360L x 215W x 195H mm
Weight: 4.4 kg
GMDN: 63642
Device Class: Class IIA
Operation Mode: Continuous operation

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Weight15 kg

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