Biolight P-Series Modular Patient Monitor Range

12.1” HD Touchscreen, 1280 x 800 resolution 4 Bay (IPM/P1 + 2 spares)

A brand new range from Biolight, a Red Dot design winner in 2021

  • Operate with gestures, easy & simple
  • Operate with Ai – voice control
  • Ultra sensitive capacitive touch screen with HD visual experience
  • Standard with BLT Spo2 with optional Nellcor™ and Masimo™ modules
  • Early Warning Score(EWS} can recognize patients whose physiological conditions are at risk of deterioration
Comprehensive module and P1 range available.

Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.

The Medspares team will contact you with ingidivual accessories/consumable costs for relevant modules selected.

If 12-lead acquisition is selected, that lead will be the only part included

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Biolight P12 Modular Patient Monitor

Base Includes:
DVI Output

Main Parameter Modules:
MPS-P01 (Standard Base): 3/5/6 Lead ECG; RESP; SpO2;PR; NIBP; 2-TEMP; Adult accessory kit
MPS-P02 + 12 lead ECG
MPS-P03 + 2-IBP
MPS-P04 + 12 lead ECG+defibrillation sync. / analog output 2in1 )
MPS-P05 + 12 lead ECG+2-IBP+defibrillation sync. / analog output 2in1 )

OR add in the P1 Transport monitor for versatility

P1-01: (Standard base) 3/5/6 Lead ECG; RESP; SpO2; PR; NIBP; 2-
TEMP; Adult accessory kit; 5.5″ TFT display; Touch Screen; 7.4V/2500mAh
P1-02: + WIFI, VGA, Nurse call and sync
P1-03: + 12-Lead from P1-01
P1-04: + 2-IPB from P1-01
P1-05: + 2-IBP + WIFI, VGA, Nurse call and sync

P1-06: + 12-Lead + 2-IBP + WIFI, VGA, Nurse call and sync

Main Unit Upgrades:
Drip Monitor – Infusion Drop Sensor
Termal Recorder
2nd Battery (11.1V/5000mAH)
Wall Stand (Recommended)

Modules Available:
2-IBP module
2-Temp module
Nellcor SpO2 module
Masimo Rainbow Module, Masimo SpO2 Module
RM module, Sidestream
CO2 module, MicroFlow
CO2 module, Mainstream CO2 module
Mainstream / Sidestream AG module
Suntech NIBP module
ICG module
EEG module
BIS module
NMT module
RsO2 module
DM module
Voice assistant module
BIOLINK module

Additional information
Weight15 kg

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