Sturdy SA-252F Autoclave

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Sturdy SA-252F Autoclave is a “low tech” autoclave suitable for solid instruments (not hollow)
Basic process timer controlled operation

Consider thw SA-252N with microprocessor control and USB/SD data recorder.
Please allow 4 – 5 weeks for delivery.

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Sturdy SA-252F Autoclave

24L capacity
Timer based control
Cabinet – warm to touch
10A operation

The autoclaves are designed with traditional mechanical engineering for customers who are accustomed to and prefer straightforward, nuts-n-bolts autoclaves with time-tested quality and durability that is both economical and practical.
Control panels are designed with simple controls which make these autoclaves also ideal for non-medical applications, such as tattoo parlors and beauty salons.

N-Class operation

Class S devices have less performance capability than a B class. They do not operate with a fractioned vacuum but with a simple pre and post vacuum. They are not suitable for complicated hollow instruments or multiple wrapping.

Class N are autoclaves that can be employed for the sterilisation of solid instruments. They are not suited for sterilising wrapped instruments.


Fill Water System: Manually
Temperature Display: Pressure/Temperature Gauge
Pressure Display: Pressure/Temperature Gauge
Program (Function) Display: LED Display
Indicator Light: Power, Heat, Ster., Dry, Complete, Overheated
Program For Selection: Sterilization time can be selected: 0~60 MIN.
Sterilization Temp. Selection: 118°C ~ 134°C (0.9~2.1 kg/cm2)
Suitable for Unwrapped, wrapped (Liquid function will be optional)
Dry Function: Auto-Dry function, dry time can be selected: 0~60 MIN.
Safety Device
Pressure Safety Valve: Setup to 2.6 kg/cm²
Over Pressured Protection: Pressure protection switch × 1
Overheated Protection: Independent temp. protection device w/ warning LED
Electric Overload Protection: 15 Amp No Fuse Breaker × 2
Pressure Door Auto-Lock: Yes
Emergency Exhaust Switch: Yes

Sturdy SA-252F Autoclave – Dimensions

Overall Dimensions / Mm: 630 (Dep.) × 540 (W) × 450 (H)
Construction: Chamber & Door: Stainless Steel #304
Net Weight: 45 kgs
Chamber Size / Mm: Φ 260 (Dia.) × 450 (Dep.)
Chamber Capacity: 24 Liters
Capacity Of Water Tank: 4200 cc
Water Consumption Per Cycle: 300 cc
Power Supply: 230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2063 W / 9 Amp, Heater 1800W, Dry Heater 263W
Standard Accessories: ST. ST. 304 Sterilization Box × 1 , Heater Cover × 1
Size of Box: 368 (L) × 206 (W) × 121 (H) /mm
Optional Accessories: Tray Set (Tray x 3, Frame x 1, Holder x 1)
Spring Holder(Pouch Rack) x 2
Certificate: MDD CE0434、PED CE0575

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Weight40 kg

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