Comen C11 Cardoitocograph – CTG

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Base Config:

Main unit with 5.7″ Screen
FHR1 probe
TOCO probe
Event Marker
Built-in Printer

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Comen C11 Cardoitocograph – CTG

  • The fetal monitor has a delicate design, making it small and lightweight, which is ideal for outpatient obstetric services.
  • It features a 5.7-inch LCD display with a folding screen design, allowing for multi-angle viewing adjustments from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • The system includes an automatic probe recognition feature to reduce the risk of maloperation.

Advanced FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) detection technology is a key component:

  • The ultrasound FHR probe has 12 chips and a wide-beam design, making it waterproof and sensitive for accurate detection.
  • Clinicians can easily locate the best fetal heart position and collect precise monitoring data.
  • Signal interference identification technology and cross-channel authentication further enhance accuracy.
  • The system provides a fetal heart signal quality indication, reassuring pregnant individuals and aiding accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Efficient printing capabilities:

  • The monitor has a built-in 112mm wide line printer for clinical use.
  • The paper bin is conveniently located in front for easy paper loading and better visibility.
  • It supports USB printer connections and A4 paper printing, saving costs and preserving records over time.

Rich software features:

  • The system offers a standard interface with a large font display.
  • It includes a patient record management system that supports English input.
  • Up to 3,000 patient records can be stored, along with 60 hours of fetal monitoring playback.
  • Features like timing monitoring, printing, and image generation facilitate diagnosis, teaching, and viewing.
  • Clinicians can choose from four automatic fetal scoring functions.
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