Comen C21 Cardoitocograph – CTG

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Base Config:

Main unit with 12.1 Touchscreen
FHR1 probe
TOCO probe
Event Marker
Built-in Printer

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Comen C21 Cardoitocograph – CTG

The Comen C21 cardiotocograph features advanced technology for real-time fetal heart rate recognition and measurement. Its key features include:

  1. Color Touch Screen: The 12.1″ LED-backlit color touch screen is user-friendly and can tilt up to 90 degrees for flexible examination.
  2. Automatic Head Recognition: The monitor can automatically recognize and adjust for different fetal head positions.
  3. Waterproof Heads: The included fetal monitoring heads are waterproof.
  4. Built-in Thermal Printer: The monitor has a built-in thermal printer (150 mm) for convenient printing of reports.
  5. CTG Waveform Storage: It can store and monitor the CTG waveform of the fetus for up to 60 hours, with automatic storage in case of power failure.
  6. 1-KLOK Technology: This feature detects changes in physiological parameters and notifies staff with indicator lights and alarms.
  7. Sliding Screen Technology: Facilitates easy switching between interfaces.
  8. Customizable Interface Layout: Users can arrange the interface to their preference.
  9. Smart Interference Signal Recognition: Ensures accurate fetal heart rate detection.
  10. Simultaneous Printing: Prints heart rates of both mother and fetus.
  11. External Printer Support: Connects to an external printer via USB.
  12. Intelligent Alarm System: Automatically determines alarm levels based on physiological changes.

Comen C21 Cardoitocograph – CTG Specifications

Standard Configuration:
FHR1, TOCO, FM, Recorder

Optional Configuration:
Maternal Monitoroing (C22) Fetal Stimulator, FHR2, Trolley

Safety Standards:
ISO 13485:2003 approved, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC


Physical Characteristics
Product Size: 340mm*270mm*95mm
Net Weight: 5.5kg

Operation Environment
Working: Temperature: 0-40°C / Humidity: 15%-80%
Power Supply: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz±1Hz
Battery Type: Rechargeable & Lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

Battery Recharging
Time: Maximum 5.5 hours for charging;
Battery backup: 4 hours for continuous working
Display: 12.1” color TFT touch screen
Resolution: 800*600
Trace: 6 Waveforms (Max)

Two Alarm indicators
Power indicator
Battery indicator
QRS beep and alarm sound & FHR Sound

Operating key sound
Parameter cable interface
AC power input socket
Two USB port

Data storage
RJ45 port
Alarm Event Review: 300 groups
Full Disclosure 120 mins Waveform Review:
Trend Graph: 120 hours
Trend Table: 120 hours

Freeze Review:
240s waveform review (Maternal); 60 hours waveform review (Fetal)

Power-off storage: Yes

Alarm: User-adjustable High and Low 3-level Limits;
Prioritized audible and visual alarm

Network: Connected to Central Monitoring System by hardwire/wireless

Type: Built-in; thermal array
Channel: 6 channel waveforms
Mode: Fast, real time
Speed: 1/2/3cm/min selectable, 25mm/s(review)
Record width: 150mm

Technique: Ultrasound Pulse Doppler
Pulse Repetition
Rate: 1.32KHz
Frequency: 1.0MHz ±1%

FHR Measurement:
Range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±1 bpm

Alarm Measurement
Range: 31bpm ~ 249bpAlarm time: ≤30s
Alarm Accuracy: ±1 bp
Iob: <5mW/cm2


TOCO Range: 0-100%
Resolution: 1%
Zero Mode Auto/Manual
Non-linear error: ±8%

Auto Fetal Movement (AFM)
Technique: Ultrasound Pulse Doppler

Mark Mode: Auto/Manual fetal movement mark

Additional information
Weight10 kg

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