MedLinket MG1000 Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzer

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MedLinket MG1000 Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzer is an anesthesia agent analyzer used to measure EtCO2, FiCO2, RR, EtN2O, FiN2O, EtAA, FiAA.
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MedLinket MG1000 Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzer

Main Unit’s Environment Requirement Range


Temperature: 5°C~50°C; Relative humindity: 0~95%;
Atmosphere Pressure:70.0KPa~106.0KPa


Temperature: 0°C~70°C; Relative humindity: 0~95%;
Atmosphere Pressure: 22.0KPa~120.0KPa

Power Specification:

Input Voltage: 12V DC 2.0 A
Input Current: 2.0A

Physical Specification

Main Unit
Weight: 0.65Kg
Dimension: 192mm x 106mm x 44mm

Hardware Specification

TFT Screen
Type: Colorful TFT LCD
Dimension: 5.0 inch

Quantity: 4
Model: Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7 V
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 2200mAh 10 hours
Working time: 10 Hours
Recharging time: 4 Hours

Patient Alarm Indicator: Two colors: Yellow and Red

Sound Indicator
Loudspeaker: Play alarm voices

Power: 12VDC power socket x 1 MINI USB socket x 1
USB: Mini USB siocket X 1

MedLinket MG1000 Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzer Measurement Specification

Principle: NDIR single beam optics
Sampling Rate: 90mL/min, ±10mL/min
Initialization Time: Waveform displaying in 20 seconds

CO2: 0~99 mmHg, 0~13 %
N2O: 0~100 VOL%
ISO: 0~6VOL%
ENF: 0~6VOL%
SEV: 0~9VOL%
RR: 2~150 bpm
Apnea Alarm Time:

CO2: 0~40 mmHg ±2 mmHg
40 ~99 mmHg ±5% of reading

N2O:  0~100VOL%
±(2.0 vol% +5% of reading)

ISO: 0~6VOL%
±(0.3 vol% +2% of reading)

ENF: 0~6VOL%
±(0.3 vol% +2% of reading)

SEV: 0~8VOL%
±(0.3 vol% +2% of reading)


±1 bpm 20~60s

MAC value define

  • 1.0MAC: under an atmospheric pressure condition, give a person or animal skin stimulation, 50% of people or animals not body dynamic response or escape reflection occurs, the inhalation anesthetics in alveolar concentration.
  • To achieve 95% of people don’t respond to stimuli, the MAC value should reach to 1.3.
  • When MAC value is 0.4,most patients will wake up.

Anaesthetic agents

Enflurane: 1.68
Isoflurane: 1.16
Sevflurane: 1.71
Halothane: 0.75
N2O: 100%

Notice: Desflurane’s MAC1.0 values differ with age

Age: 18-30 MAC1.0 7.25%
Age: 31-65 MAC1.0 6.0%



Specialized in getting and transferring life signals

Additional information
Weight10 kg

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