Welch Allyn GS300 Wall Mounted Exam Light

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A commonly used light in New Zealand’s GP practices

This is the wall version (handyperson required to install)
Mobile version available.

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Welch Allyn GS300 Wall Mounted Exam Light


The Green Series Lights were designed to improve patient exams while reducing environmental impact. The GS 300 Exam Light is a single white, bright LED that never requires replacement. It provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen and consumes less energy for improved facility efficiencies. With this light, you can see true tissue colour rendition while reducing your current cost of ownership

  • The light output is intense and cool to improve patient exams.
  • Staff productivity and satisfaction are improved with easy assembly and cleaning.
  • The product is standardized at an affordable price that offers rugged performance.
  • The risk of cross-contamination is reduced with touchless On/Off.
  • Floor space is maximized
  • LED life of 50,000 hours maximizes investment.

Welch Allyn GS300 Wall Mounted Exam Light Basic Specs

One White LED
20,000 LUX @ 12 in/30 cm
5,500 K
Touchless on/off Controls

LED Versus Halogen:

Halogen lights were considered the gold standard in medical facilities and operating rooms. However, their light contains many disadvantages and has become a challenge for medical teams in terms of heat dissipation, high energy consumption, bulb life, etc. LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) technology has transformed new and unique features into an essential part of operating rooms. LED technology allows for controlling light temperature, enhancing lighting intensity, increasing bulb life, etc. There are many other reasons that persuade us to upgrade from Halogen to LED light. In this article, we will analyze the differences between Halogen and LED light in more detail.

Lux is the unit of illuminance and measures the amount of light that falls on a surface. The amount of lux produced by LED and halogen lights depends on the wattage of the bulb. A 100-watt halogen bulb produces about 1600 lumens or 16 lux per square meter. A 100-watt LED bulb produces about 1600 lumens or 20 lux per square meter.

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