Listem REX-525R Chiropractor X-Ray – FIXED

$44,250 + GST

The Listem REX-552R is the ideal starting point for your chiropractic clinic. Add FPD or use your existing imaging. Affordable and reliable

North and South Island installation included. Fully prepared site required. Support spares stock held in New Zealand.

Wellington to Hamilton support costs included North of Hamilton  South Island, airfares/rental car chargable.
Please allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery.

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Listem REX-525R Chiropractor X-Ray – FIXED

Listem offers a robust range of general X-Ray systems that offer the basics for a cost-effective practice/clinic setup.

There are no bells and whistles or flash touch screen controls, only a simple EPROM interface featured.

Collimator shutters have manual control.

Nothing much to go wrong that’s for sure.

Tube handlebars differ from image shown


Type: High Frequency
Power: AC 220V±10%, Single Phase, 50/60Hz
AC 380V±10%, Three Phase, 50/60Hz

Nominal Output 40 kW
Output Frequency 30 kHz
Rating Value 500mA @ 80kV, 320mA @ 125kV
kV, mA Range 40 ~ 125 kV/10 ~ 500 mA
Exposure Time Range 0.001 ~ 10 sec
mAs range 0.01 ~ 512mAs


Type Rotating Anode
Maximum Tube Voltage 125 kV
Anode Heat Storage Capacity 140 kHU (100 kJ)
Maximum Anode Heat Dissipation Rate 667 HU/s (475 W)
Anode Speed 2700/3200 rpm (50/60 Hz)
Focal Spot Size Small : 1.0 mm / Large : 2.0 mm
Maximum Tube Current Small : 350 mA / Large : 600 mA
Maximum Input Energe at 0.1 sec Small : 22.5 kW, Large : 47 kW
Target Angle 16˚


Rectangular Motor Driven Not Available
Rectangular Two Pairs of Parallel Shutters Available
Rectangular Max Opening Max 35 cm x 35 cm at SID 65 cm
Min 5 cm x 5 cm at SID 100 cm
Rectangular Accuracy ±2 %
Shielding Rate 150 kV Max
Inherent Filtration 1.5 mm Al. Eq
Illuminance > 160 LUX @ 100cm

Vertical Bucky

Size – Column – Length 214cm
Bucky Movement – Vertical 380mm ~ 1755mm from bottom
Cassette size 18cm x 24cm (8″x10″) to 35cm x 43cm (14″x17″)
Bucky device Reciprocating Grid by Spring
Cassette Tray
Bucky Grid Size – 17″ x 17″ , ratio 10:1, 103lines/cm
Lock System Electro magnetic lock (PMB)

Additional information
Weight500 kg

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