ECOTRON Anyview-500R C-Arm

The Anywive-500R is an afforable and reliable C-Arm from Ecotron in Korea. It Features a CCD camera to deliver the live image.
Please allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery.

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ECOTRON Anyview-500R C-Arm

ECOTRON is a specialized Portable X-ray, Mobile X-ray system, Surgical C-arm X-ray system and X-ray generator with advanced technology. We are particularly specialized in X-ray generator and X-ray system for human and veterinary. As a leader of Portable X-ray, Mobile X-ray system, Surgical C-arm X-ray system and X-ray generator, we will continuously research and study to be the best X-ray system in this field.

C-Arm Features:

  • Enhanced mechanical design, ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Simple user interface reduces procedure time to improve efficiency.
  • Large C-arm size for easy use in clinical environment.
  • High image quality at the lowest possible dose.
  • High quality X-ray tube with 0.6/1.8mm focal spot size
  • Most high power output with 5kW HFG.

Intelligent Dose Reduction
Minimum dose and best quality 

Dose Reduction
ABS Mode, Pulse Mode (8,15, or 30), Activation 

Virtual Collimator
The collimator is positioned in The imaging area without using radiation 

Establish Imaging Area
kV and mA settings automatically optimize to the appropriate setting for each body part. 

Intelligent Dose Reduction Mode
Software presets allow better Image quality at lower doses. 

Laser Positioning
Set the cross laser pointer at the imaging site. 

Anyview Intelligent Image Processing
Activated during automatic dose reduction mod 

ECOTRON Anyview-500R C-Arm – Specifications

System power requirement:

Line voltage    220-230V 50/60Hz
Line phase       Single
Output power 5kW


Continuous mode       0.5-10mA
Pulsed mode   0.5-20mA
Boost mode    30mA
ABS mode       YES

Radiography mode:

kV range          40-120kV
mA range        20-100
mAs range       0.8-100mAs

X-ray tube:

Anode type:    Rotating
Max kV:           125kV
Focal spot Small: 0.3mm
Focal spot Large: 0.6mm
Target angle    10º
Anode heat storage capacity  150Kj


Type: Motorized
Opening/Closing: 2 way
Rotation: 360º
Iris: Motorized

Image Intensifier:

Input field view size,Inch: 9inch
Nominal entrance field size(inch): 9/6/4.5 inch
Central resolution(lp/cm): 54/62/70
Central resolution(lp/cm): 36
Cassette holder size(Inch): 10*12

CCD Camera:

Type    CCD
Pixel Size         1280*1024


(Included by Monitor stand)   Type: TFT-LCD DUAL
Number of screens: 2

Digital Imaging System

(DIS) Type: AIS
PC Spec: Intel Core i3-2130 (3.4GHz) or Higher
Windows 7 or Higher
4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1600MHz) or Higher
500GByte Hard-Drive or higher


Additional information
Weight200 kg

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