Chison SonoAir Portable Ultrasound

$15,150 + GST

Chison SonoAir Portable Ultrasound

A total marvel from Chison, the SonoAir will blow your mind. Take a look at the features for yourself. Ultra Portability and a simplistic user interface

Included Probes:
3C 3.0 MHz Convex probe
7L 4.5 – 10.0 MHz Linear probe  (128 elements, 40mm)
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Chison SonoAir Portable Ultrasound

2.1Kg 26mm Thick with 4 probe connectors

Base Features:

14.1″ High Resolution LED Monitor
4 probe connectors
Carry Case
Power Adaptor
Built in WIFI/Bluetooth Module128GB SSD + 2 USB3.0 ports

Included Probes:
3C 3.0 MHz Convex probe
7L 4.5 – 10.0 MHz Linear probe  (128 elements, 40mm)

View Modes:
B, 2B, 4B, B/M,  CFM, PW, PD/DPD, instant Duplex, Triplex
Mode, Quadplex Mode, Trapezoidal, Curved Expanding,
Chroma B&M&PW

Enhancements included:
Full Screen Mode
Auto IMT
D Steer
Automatic PW trace and measurement
Super Image module:
Multiple Compound Imaging,
SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm),

General SW:
Measurement & calculation software packages: General, OB&GYN,  LE vein,
LE Artery, Cardiac, Abdomen, Vascular, Urology, SmallPart, ORTH, Paediatrics, TCD


Product Overview

CHISON SonoAir is designed to help doctors achieve higher outcomes and meet the growing demands in today’s healthcare environment. Its excellent image performance and smooth workflow can save precious time with a more accurate assessment for both doctors and their patients.

Wide Applications Scenarios

Higher integration and lower consumption. Cool design with powerful inside. Adaptable for any situation especially in general imaging and POC. The portability of this new-generation ultrasound system allows doctors to tackle more challenges and greatly improve their efficiency at work. CHISON SonoAir is the one you will never regret to choose.

Additional information
Weight10 kg

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