Sonoscape 12L-A Linear Probe

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Buy your Sonoscape probes from Medspares, Sonoscape 12L-A. For musculoskeletal, small parts and vascular applications

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Sonoscape 12L-A Linear Probe

Ultra HD Broadband Linear Probe 12L-A for musculoskeletal, small parts and vascular (center frequency 7.5 MHz, FOV 52 mm).

Application Areas


Sonoscape 12L-A Linear Probe – Technical Specification

Application:Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Vascular
Center Frequency:7.5 MHz
Display Frequency:3.0-17.0 MHz
FOV:52 mm
Image Depth:2-100 mm
Biopsy Guide:available
Footprint:55×8 mm
Compatibility:SonoScape S50, S60, P15, P20, P25, P40, P50, P60
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Weight5 kg

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