Comen BQ80 Neonatal Radiant Warmer

Standard Config – Build it up to suit your requirements

Standard Configuration:

  • Radiant Warmer Module w/temperature control & timer system
  • Electronic Bed Tilting
  • X-Ray Cassette
  • Built-in examination Lamp
  • Damper Doors (All Sides)
  • 360 Degree Visible Alarm Light w/Hand-Free Alarm Silence
  • Printer
  • Once confirmed, we will be pleased to offer a proposal.

Lead time – 4-8 weeks

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Comen BQ80 Neonatal Radiant Warmer

This is by far the most powerful 4-in-1 neonatal nursing platform. The BQ80 integrates four key rescue and nursing systems to achieve one-stop operation and management.
At the same time, it scientifically optimizes the workflow, helps medical staff to easily respond to urgent medical needs, effectively saves valuable rescue time, and
provides comprehensive and meticulous care for newborns.

Ceramic Infrared Double Tube Heater:

Double Wall and air curtain maintain constant temperature control in the hood and help the infant keep their temperature

Thermal conductive gel mattress (optional):

Maintains the right temperature for small patients, as well as being soft, comfortable and easy to clean thanks to its
antibacterial system.

Neonatal monitoring system (optional):

Monitors vital signs of newborns in real-time during resuscitation. Medical personnel can evaluate and decide whether
resuscitation measures are effective without adding an external monitor.

Jaundice Treatment System (optional):

Soft and natural LED light emission allows proper degradation of the bilirubin molecule. In addition, the combination of
blue and white light makes it easy for the nursing staff to work comfortably.

Resuscitation system (optional):

Integrated management of patient resuscitation and ventilation, including negative pressure sputum suction. It has safe,
stable, and controllable PIP and PEEP, guaranteeing functional residual capacity (FRC) and improving lung compliance.


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