Comen NC6 Vital Signs Monitor with Genius(™) Temp PREMIUM

$3,400 + GST

Base Specification

8″ Touchscreen
NIBP/SPO2/PR/Genius(™) Temp
Adult Accessories Kit
Li-Ion Battery 2500mAh for upto 5 hours use

*Images shown with alternate temperature option

Also look at the NC7 if you need a capnpgrpah / EtC02

Lead time: Approx 3-4 weeks from order

We can wither supply generic or genuine Sp02 accessories based on your selection

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Comen NC6 Vital Signs Monitor with Genius(™) Temp PREMIUM

NC6 Patient Monitor: Elevate for Care in Diverse Clinical Settings

The NC6 patient monitor is a versatile solutions designed to adapt seamlessly across various clinical environments. Whether it’s ward rounds, triage, or bedside monitoring, these monitors excel in meeting the demands of different scenarios.

Key Features:

Measurement Excellence:
NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure): Rapid inflation measurement, average measurement, and orthostatic NIBP capabilities.
SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation): Dual SpO2 monitoring and respiratory rate measurement for comprehensive patient monitoring.
Temperature: Compatible with various thermometer brands, allowing flexibility in temperature monitoring. Multiple
measurement sites can be chosen based on individual patient needs.

Streamlined Workflow:
The NC6 monitor simplifies healthcare workflows, ensuring efficient patient monitoring and data management.
Enhanced Workflow with Upgraded Trolley:
Dedicated upgraded trolley for NC6 and NC7 monitors.
Mobile accessibility, backup battery system for uninterrupted monitoring, and quick-release features during
critical situations.
These monitors provide adaptable and reliable solutions for healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care across
clinical settings

Backup Battery System (optional)
The trolley is engineered with a robust backup battery system, featuring a 5000mAh battery and a DC interface
for direct connection to the main unit. This design allows for convenient recharging and ensures sustained power,
supporting extended monitoring without interruption.


Inflation Oscillometric Measurement (InflaBP™)
Say goodbye to the discomfort and lengthy process of traditional deflation oscillometry. iNIBP™ delivers
accurate blood pressure readings in less than 15 seconds by detecting oscillations during inflation, avoiding
any overinflation complications.
With iNIBP™, enjoy accuracy, efficiency, and ease with every measurement.

NIBP Averaging
Under Spot Mode, NIBP averaging is automatically calculated from a series of consecutive NIBP measurements. NIBP
averaging offers a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of a patient’s status, enabling earlier detection of
hypertension compared to a single measurement and facilitating timely interventions.

Orthostatic NIBP Measurement
NC6 is equipped with orthostatic hypotension (OH) detection by calculating the difference between sitting and
standing NIBP measurements. OH is a vital indicator of cardiovascular health and autonomic nervous system function.
Early detection of OH with the NC6 assist help prevent falls, ensure timely medical interventions, and improve patient


Dual SpO2 Monitoring:
The monitoring system offers the versatility of dual-SpO2 measurement for detecting duct-dependent congenital heart diseases in newborns.

plethRESP™ :
Supporting respiratory rate measurement through Comen SpO2 during spot checks offers a more comprehensive view of a patient’s respiratory status.
This measurement is beneficial for identifying respiratory issues and monitoring changes in breathing patterns.


Brand Variety and Measurement Sites:
Enjoy compatibility with thermometers from various brands, offering flexibility in temperature
Choose from multiple measurement sites for temperature monitoring, tailoring the approach to individual patient

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Weight10 kg

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