Keewell QW618 Infusion Warmer

The Keywell FT2800 is a dual channel infuson warmer when the IV solution is required to be infused warmer than ambient temperature.
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Keewell QW618 Infusion Warmer


The QW618 is a classic coil-style infusion warmer with a time-proven warming technigue.

The technology of control:

● Microprocessor system integrated with sensors provides high precise control, permanent running self-tests and malfunction alarms

Low-cost disposables:

● Grooved dry heating cylinder enables to use standard extension tube or routine IV tube at slow fluid rate

Accurate temperature monitoring:

● Three sets of independent temperature sensors and numerical a display for real-time temperature or set temperature in 0.1°C

Multiple protections for high safety:

● High-temperature cut-off, low-temperature alarm and sensor fault alarm Unique high-temperature alarm testing function:
● Extra safe in use and easy for maintenance

Warming capacity:

● Up to 6000ml/hour (flow rate KVO – 100ml/min) Good for simultaneous warming multiple infusions Quick warming up & 24
hours continuous operating

Keewell FT2800 Dual-Channel Infusion Warmer – Specifications

Temperature setting:37 – 40˚C
Power supply:a.c.100~240V/50~60Hz
Power consumption: Max. 250VA

Type of protection against electric shock: Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock B
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids: IP64

Temperature accuracy:±1.0˚C
Overheat protection:41˚C /45˚C/48˚C /- 3˚C
Low-temperature alarm:36˚C
Warming up time: approx.2 min.
Operating mode: Continuous

Dimension (W*D*H:100×170×210mm
Net Weight:1.3Kg


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