EnMind VV-100 Vein Viewer

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EnMind VV-100 Vien Viewer is a powerfull projection tool to make the search easy for the clinician.

The unit utilises DLP technology for the best image.
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EnMind VV-100 Vein Viewer

Visualise Vessels with the Vein Viewer

Venipuncture is a common practice in day-to-day medical care. Whether for infusions, blood collection, intravenous injections or phlebotomy – venipuncture is needed in every medical discipline. However, there are several factors that make venipuncture more difficult, e.g. deep veins or veins that are very thin and hard or impossible to identify by hand. To prevent incorrect and painful punctures, the vein finder can be used to locate the correct veins.

The VV-100 vein viewer from Enmind is a professional vein finder that uses infrared radiation. Due to the different way haemoglobin and the surrounding tissue absorb infrared radiation, the course of the vessels can be recorded. The integrated projector of the device then projects the veins onto the patient’s skin in real time.

Depending on the patient’s skin type, the user can choose between 7 different colours and 6 different colour combinations. As a result, the winding course of the veins is clearly visible for each patient, regardless of skin colour or skin condition.


Additional Display Options with the Inverse Mode

Depending on the winding course of the patient’s veins, it can be useful to set the device to inverse mode. In contrast to the normal mode, where the surrounding tissue is depicted in colour, this mode only shows the veins. In the inverse mode, one can choose between different colour and colour-combinations as well, which allows the user to individually adjust the vein finder to each patient. This guarantees optimal visibility and uncomplicated punctures.

The VV-100 Vein Viewer is Ideal for the Following Patient Groups

  • Paediatric patients
  • Geriatric patients
  • Obese patients
  • Very hairy patients
  • Oncology patients
  • Patients with darker skin tones
  • Patients who inject drugs

Enmind VV-100 – an Important Tool for Numerous Fields

The VV-100 vein viewer is not only suitable for classic venipuncture for blood collection or infusions. It can also be used for various examinations in angiology, intensive care and for operations.

In angiology, the vein finder can be used as a tool in diagnostics and in the sclerotherapy of varicose veins and spider veins. With the Enmind VV-100, you can recognise even small veins and puncture them e.g. in foam sclerotherapy.

In intensive care, venipuncture is often made difficult by the patient being in a state of shock or other difficult circumstances. The vein finder facilitates punctures and reduces the number of incorrect punctures.

Even in the operating theatre, the vein viewer is a handy tool for locating small veins. By visualising the winding course of the veins, the medical professional can prevent subcutaneous bleeding caused by accidentally cutting through vessels.

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