Vitalograph 20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces 200 Carton

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Another Vitalogrpah tool for fighting against cross-infection,  the Vitalograph

20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces will help reduce operating costs.

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Vitalograph 20242 SafeTway Mouthpieces 200 Carton

Vitalograph has a choice of spirometer mouthpieces to suit all patient sizes – child to adult. The popular SafeTway one-way mouthpiece & valve prevents accidental respiratory maneuvers.

The widely used SafeTway one-way mouthpiece and valve prevent accidental respiratory maneuvers. They protect the user from cross-infection and are suitable for expiratory maneuvers with
peak flow meters and spirometers. The one-way valve specifically prevents inhalation during respiratory maneuvers, and the entire unit is disposable

The One-Way valve mouthpiece is made from high-quality cardboard and features a plastic injection-molded insert. The valve is securely ultrasonically welded to the plastic insert, enhancing its
structural integrity to prevent leaks. This product’s resistance adheres to ATS/ERS guidelines, and it is both LATEX and PVC-free

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