Riester EliteVue LED Diagnostic Set

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EliteVue otoscope allows a 100% view of the tympanic membrane.
EliteVue Oto LED 3.5V
Ophthalmoscope Head LED 3.5V
1 Li-Ion batery handle
Plug-In charger
Case and tube of disposable specula

Made in Germany – Pure quality

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Riester EliteVue LED Diagnostic Set

  1. Magnification and Focal Depth:
    • The EliteVue Macro Otoscope offers 5x magnification, allowing for a closer examination of the ear canal and eardrum.
    • The adjustable wheel for focal depth ensures precise focus during examinations.
  2. Specula Ejection:
    • The specula ejection feature simplifies the process of changing disposable specula (the cone-shaped attachments used for ear examinations).
  3. Battery Options:
    • You have several battery options:
      • C Cell Alkaline Batteries: These are a reliable choice for portable power.
      • USB Plug-In Charger with Lithium Ion Batteries: Convenient for recharging via USB. (Standard)
      • Desktop Charging Base for Lithium Ion Batteries: Ideal for clinics or offices where the otoscope can be docked and charged.
  4. Handle Design:
    • The C cell size handles are robust and durable.
    • The +/- collar allows you to turn the otoscope on/off and adjust brightness levels to your preference.
  5. Auto Shut-Off Feature:
    • The otoscope automatically shuts off after 180 seconds of inactivity. This helps conserve battery life and extends the bulb’s longevity.
  6. Illumination Options:
    • You can choose between two illumination types:
      • LED: Energy-efficient and long-lasting. (Standard)
      • Xenon: Provides bright, white light for detailed visualization.

Overall, the EliteVue Macro Otoscope seems well-equipped for thorough ear examinations. If you have any further questions or need additional details, feel free to ask

EliteVue otoscope allows a 100% view of the tympanic membrane.

Made in Germany – Pure quality


EliteVue Macro Otoscope

DimensionRiester EliteView oto-Dimension
5 x magnificationThe lens system offers 5 x magnification and a field of view of 11 mm in diameter at a distance of about 20mm.5 x magnification
The lamp for EliteVue XLXL 2.5 V, 2.5 V, 750 mA, average life span 15 h
XL 3.5 V, 3.5 V, 750 mA, average life span 15 h
The lamp for EliteVue LEDLED 2.5 V, 2.5 V, 280 mA, average life span up to 50,000 h1
LED 3.5 V, 2.5 V, 280 mA, average life span up to 50,000 h1
Ambient temperature0 ° to +40 °C
Relative Humidity30% to 70% noncondensing
Storage/ Transport Ambient temperature-10° to +55°C
Storage/ Transport relative Humidity10% to 95% noncondensing
Air pressure800 hPa – 1100 hPa
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Weight2 kg

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