Redleaf YDC-3K Ambulance Stretcher

$4,500 + GST

SWL 250Kg
Made in China – 2-year warranty
A cheaper alternative for infrequent applications

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Redleaf YDC-3K Ambulance Stretcher

  • The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy
  • The height of the whole stretcher can be adjusted in more than 4 positions, is convenient for CPR operation
  • The height of the front part and back parts can be adjusted in 6 positions
  • The stretcher leg folding mechanism and height adjustment are controlled through the front and rear pull rod operatic
  • The guardrail uses polymer plastics, the adjustable structure makes it easy for the patient to up and down the stretcher this stretcher adopts shoulder belts.
  • It is also equipped with a three-stage IV stand, the highest length is 80cm.
  • The mattress Is made of wear-resistant mesh cloth, concave shape, with a thickness or lUcm and disposable welding,
  • flame retardant, and waterproof.
  • The universal wheels on the front end adopt an elastic latch to lock. They can be locked to go straight or universal as needed
  • It’s better to use F07 one-piece fixed device, the fixing device uses 3-point fixation, which is stable and secure
  • Loading height: 60cm
  • Wheel size: 0150mm / 0200mm.
  • SWL250Kg
  • Item Weight 53Kg
Additional information
Weight40 kg



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