Famed LM-01.4 Delivery Bed

$18,350 + GST

Famed LM-01.4 Delivery bed is ideal for satellite birthing/delivery suites. Electric Height and backrest operation with an SWL of 240Kg.
Please allow 10 – 12 weeks for delivery.


Famed LM-01.4 Delivery Bed


The bed has side handrails with integrated control panels that can adjust the height, back-rest, lights, and alarm. The remote control has more features, such as changing the back and thigh segments’ angle, setting the bed to a ready-to-get-down or examination position, and performing CPR. The foot control also allows easy adjustment of the bed.


The bed comes with many accessories that enable different labour positions and make it easier to do various exams related to labour, proctoscopy, gynaecology and palpation. The basic accessories are arm holders, feet support, knees support and stainless steel bowl. The accessories can be attached to universal rails. The bed has a set of mattresses that are protected from fluids.


The backrest has stable handrails that can be moved down if needed. The hand grips have polyurethane pads that stop the hands from sliding and give firm support during labour. All the plastic and painted parts are made with antibacterial agents using the pSilver™ technology.

– 3-section operation (backrest, seat segment, slidable shank rest segment)
– Electrically Controlled Height adjustment, back and seat segment angle
– Controls: Control panel in side rails, remote control, and foot controller
– Battery Backup
– Bed is equipped with a set of mattresses (two mattresses; backrest, seat, and one for a newborn baby)
– ABS covers for seat and shank segments and for bed chassis.
– Centralised steering

Famed LM-01.4 Delivery Bed Specifications

Fabric treated with pSilver™ technology – anti-bacterial
Length: 2170 mm
Total width: 1 080 mm
Minimum height: 615 mm
Maximum height: 985 mm
Back rest inclination angle: 70°
Thighs segment adjustment: 17°
Trendelenburg position: 12°
Reverse-Trendelenburg position: 5°
Maximum load: 230 kg

Included Accessories:

Arm holders
Feet support
Knees support
Stainless collection steel bowl.

Colour choice Available – default is Light Blue 2F

Made in Poland

EN ISO 13485:2016
EN ISO 9001

Additional information
Weight150 kg

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