Pet CT Small Animal Scanner

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It’s now time to seriously consider a CT scanner for our fur babies, the Pet CT is the one for your ultimate diagnostic tool

Contact Medspares for pricing. We would also consider sharing in your capital investment on a profit-share basis.
Please allow 6 – 10 weeks for delivery.

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Pet CT Small Animal Scanner

It has never been so affordable to have a small CT Scanner for your large animal hospital or clinic.
No more dreaming
No more dilapidated systems from medical sites

The Pet CT has a 3-in-one application range:

DR mode

Apply to: bone tissue, connective tissue, respiratory system, foreign object detection etc.

  • Large space: The large space can accommodate pets of all sizes.
  • Wide field of view: Flat panel detector range of 43CM x 43CM, FOV above 36CM x 36CM.
  • High grade: Medical grade amorphous silicon flat panel detector, world-class quality, 140µm pixel size.

Dynamic DR mode

Apply to: respiratory system, urinary system, thoracic cavity, spine, joints, etc.

  • High frame rate: The image acquisition frame rate can reach 20FPS and 20 sheets/s for high-speed imaging.
  • Large capacity: The heat capacity of the tube is up to 190KHU, and more than 500 shots for continuous photography under massive doses.
  • High density: Super wide field of view, 1 OLP/CM high-density resolution, sharp imaging, smooth image construction, and real-time reservation.

CT mode

Apply to: respiratory tract, lung, urinary system, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, spine, etc.

  • Large operating space: large aperture 77.5CM, 150KG load-bearing, large bed motion range, and fully automatic lifting for more convenient placement.
  • High spatial resolution: 3.5LP/MM spatial resolution, FOV up to 23CM*23CM, 512 tomography images can be made within 30s, with independent research and development of patented adaptive enhancement algorithm and denoising algorithm.
  • Lightweight: The land area is only half of that of conventional CT.
  • Strong auxiliary: 3D laser positioning system makes accurate positioning and shooting. The one-click intelligent adjustment makes a more friendly CT shooting interface.
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