Chison Sonobook 6 Laptop Based VET Ultrasound

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Chison Sonobook 6 Laptop Based VET Ultrasound is a mid-range system that will complient your imaging offerings to animal owners

MC6-V Micro convex probe
P2-V 2.5 MHz Phased array probe (Laerge Animal).
Please allow 3 – 5 weeks for delivery.

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Chison SonoBook 6 Laptop Based VET Ultrasound

Designed to provide the best solution for various challenging veterinary environments. The SonoBook 6 features a compact, robust laptop design, weighing just 5.5kg and easily folding into a case for easy portability


With multiple advanced technologies, a 15 inch HD LED monitor with a rotatable screen and 2hrs battery life in active mode makes this top-of-the-range ultrasound machine incredibly good value for money, whilst still providing you with detailed, efficient examination using the latest technologies.

Chison SonoBook 6 Laptop-Based VET Ultrasound Key Features

Key Features:

• 15-inch HD LED monitor
• Rotatable screen – 120 degrees
• Compact and robust laptop design – Metal casing, solid yet light
• Just 5.5kg for easy mobility
• Slim design – 70mm thick
• 2hrs battery life in active mode for outdoor Vet scanning – indication light – Easy to change
• Rich clinical application
• Professional Vet software
• Intuitive workflow
• Docking: DVI, Foot-switch, Video-out, Remote, S-Video


• Enhance the contrast resolution of different tissues by improving the signal-to-noise ratio
• Automatically detect different tissues and improve the contrast accordingly


  • Innovative algorithms triple the image enhancement results to a quantum level
  • Images are sharper and more vivid

Dedicated VET transducers:

  • Smaller footprint, easy to target the whole body
  • Ergonomic design, release from scanning fatigue
  • Higher frequency, obtain near field image
  • Lower weight, easy to carry, easy to scan
    High-frequency linear probe with good resolution and penetration
  • Frequency range: 7.010,18.0MHz
  • Efecgigtelt choice for superhclal scanning: tendon, testicle.
    Dedicated linear-rectal probe for large animal’s reproduction
  • Black color for durable usage, easy to clean
  • Ultra-long cable to keep the system Mr the safe distance

FHI for deep penetration of large animals:

  • FI-11 is an innovative harmonic imaging technology that uses multiple transmission and receiving methods based on the patient’s size and weight
  • This allows the SonoBook 6 VET to maintain image resolution when imaging larger patents,
  • Traditional Tissue Harmonics and Phased Harmonics compromise image quality and resolution when penetration is increased
  • Chison’s FHI technology greatly improves diagnostic abilities and clinical confidence in larger. difficult-to-image patents,

Q-Beam For Rapid Breath Of Small Animal:

  • Compared to the traditional dual-beam, SonoBook 6 VET uses a quad-beam to receive a signal, thus doubling the volume of the signal received as well as the frame rate.
  • A higher frame rate ensures better diagnostic confidence and efficiency. Especially for the rapid movement of small animals.


• Maximise colour sensitivity by automatically distinguishing different tissues and detecting colour flow accordingly.
• Better, colour sensitivity even for low-velocity flow and small vessels.

Professional vet software

• Body mark
• Comment library
• Calculation package

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Weight15 kg

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