Sturdy SA-450 / SA-500 / SA-600 SA-700 Autoclave

The SA range of autoclaves are perfect for the Pacific Islands. They feature a timer based control that is simple and inexpensive to repair.

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Sturdy SA-450 / SA-500 / SA-600 SA-700 Autoclave

A classic S-Class Autoclave designed for remote locations where service options are limited. Nothing much to go wrong with these systems. Well proven performers in the Pacific Islands. No Service contracts required, simple timer/relay based control.

ISO 13485, CE certificates and Taiwan GMP are for quality management control approval and guarantee the safety of Sturdy products

  • Independent steam generator
  • Cycle progress indicator light
  • Easily accessible emergency stop button
  • Emergency button
  • Pre-heating program
  • Dry function
  • Pressure auto door lock
  • Pressure gauge chamber / jacket
  • Power indicator
  • Program selector
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Water level gauge glass


CHAMBER SIZE: 400mm (DIA.) × 800mm (DEP.), APPROX. 100L.
7Kw Operation


CHAMBER SIZE: 450mm (DIA.) × 900mm (DEP.), APPROX. 143L.
7Kw Operation


CHAMBER SIZE: 500mm (DIA.) × 1000mm (DEP.), APPROX. 196L.
9Kw Operation

SA-600A Autoclave

CHAMBER SIZE: 610mm (DIA.) × 1200mm (DEP.), APPROX. 350L.
12Kw Operatipm

SA-700A Autoclave

CHAMBER SIZE: 700mm (DIA.) × 1500mm (DEP.), APPROX. 577L.
12Kw Operatipm

Auto operation – timer based
Auto dry


Auto operation – timer based
Auto dry

Satandard with:
(A) Auto door interlock for safety
(K) Auto control

Consider the SAP Cabineted solution – far less hot surfaces for burn risks

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Weight200 kg

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