Sturdy SA-302MB B-Class 50L Autoclave

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SA-302MA Autoclave is Sturdy’s Mid-range benchtop B-Class autoclave.

The 302MB features a printer and SD card for report output.
Please allow 4 – 5 weeks for delivery.

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Sturdy SA-302MB B-Class 50L Autoclave


50L capacity
Chamber: ⌀300 X 710mm
Overall: 620(W) x 489(H) x 906(D)mm
Microprocessor control
Cabinet – warm to touch
Weight: 80.5Kg
Power: 14A operation

The Sturdy SA300BM is an all-purpose tabletop autoclave that is top-of-the-line with versatility and flexibility to meet almost any situation that arises. The 300MA uses an LCD panel along with 3 navigation buttons (up/down/return), which allow you to configure almost everything using the screen – this minimizes the buttons on the panel and allows the series more flexibility and functionality

Sturdy SA-302MB B-Class 50L Autoclave Features

LCD panel for process information
Vacuum operation for pre & post cycle
Prion preset test program
Performance leakage, Helix, B.D. diagnostics
Data recorder (SD card) and paper printer for completion of cycle
Vacuum-based tubal sterilization
The supply Tank can be filled manually  or piped in (filtered water)
Overheat protection feature
Automatic pressure auto door lock for staff safety
Safety emergency stop button
Pressure overload protection feature
Customization program option included

Operating Temperature: 121 and 135°C
Supply Tank Capacity: 4.2 Litre
Max Water Usage: 1270 cc
Average sound levels: <60dB
15A plug required (14A max autoclave requirement)


1. Universal 134°C Ster. 4 min, Drying 15 min
2. PRION Ster. 18 min, Drying 15 min
3. Universal 121 °C Ster. 20 min, Drying 30 min
4. Drying 1~60 min
5-1. Customization/ Vacuum ON /119~135°c / Drying 1~30 min
5-2. Customization/ Vacuum OFF/ 105~135°( / Drying 1~30 min

Accessory Set Included:

Plate Set (3 X Mesh Tray, Frame, Tray Holder*l)
Heater Cover

Additional information
Weight50 kg

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