Biolight EtCo2 Watertrap P/5

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The watertrap used for the Biolight P-Series and M8000A capnograph modules. Simply plugs in direct to the housing and the line goes in after – good for 30 patients

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Offered in a pack of 5 units

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Typical capnogram. Normal breath cycle.
Other namesEnd tidal CO2 (ETCO2)

Capnography is the monitoring of the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide (CO2 in the respiratory gases. Its main development has been as a monitoring tool for use during anesthesia and intensive care. It is usually presented as a graph of CO2 (measured in kilopascals, “kPa” or millimeters of mercury, “mmHg”) plotted against time, or, less commonly, but more usefully, expired volume (known as volumetric capnography). The plot may also show the inspired CO2 which is of interest when rebreathing systems are being used. When the measurement is taken at the end of a breath (exhaling), it is called “end tidal” CO2 (PETCO2).[1]

The capnogram is a direct monitor of the inhaled and exhaled concentration or partial pressure of CO2 and an indirect monitor of the CO2 partial pressure in the arterial blood. In healthy individuals, the difference between arterial blood and expired gas CO2 partial pressures is very small (normal difference 4-5 mmHg). In the presence of most forms of lung disease, and some forms of congenital heart disease (the cyanotic lesions) the difference between arterial blood and expired gas increases which can be an indication of new pathology or change in the cardiovascular-ventilation system

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