Vitalograph 28501 BVF Filter Mouthpieces 100/Carton

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An economic version of the 28350 filter, the 28501 will reduce your running costs without compromise.

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Vitalograph 28501 BVF Filter Mouthpieces 100/Carton

The Vitalograph Eco BVF range, designed in response to feedback from global respiratory professionals, provides essential cross-infection prevention during lung function testing. These filters protect patients, medical staff, and equipment from contamination.

Key features of the Eco BVFs include an electrostatically charged barrier that filters droplets, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses with over 99.999% efficiency. By simplifying equipment cleaning and eliminating the need for expensive silicone bite-on mouthpieces, these filters offer cost savings. They occupy 54% less space, reducing filter waste volume while maintaining measurement accuracy.

In summary:

  • Optimal protection for patients, staff, and equipment
  • Traps expectorated matter, bacteria, and viruses
  • Reduces device cleaning time and costs
  • Suitable for leading PFT equipment brands
  • Validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%
  • Filter dead space: 55ml
  • Flow impedance: <0>
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials.
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