Edan SD3 Vascular Doppler

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The Edan SD3 Vascular Doppler is an affordable and versatile unit for your practice, optional probed available if required.

Standard Unit includes 4MHz transducer

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Edan SD3 Vascular Doppler

The SD3 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler offers superior performance for a great value. With excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and high durability, the SD3 series Ultrasonic Pocket Dopplers is ideal for routine fetal heart rate detection.

The unit can also be equipped with 4MHz, 5 or 8 MHz probes for vascular diagnosis.


  • Plug-and-play, waterproof interchangeable probes
  • AA batteries compatible
  • Unique charger stand design for organized storage

Edan SD3 Vascular Doppler Specifications




Complies with: IEC 60601-1:2005, EN 60601-1:2006, IEC 60601-1-2:2014,
EN 60601-1-2:2015, IEC/EN 61266:1994, EN 60601-2-37: 2008,
IEC 60601-2-37:2007


Anti-electric Shock Type: Internally powered equipment
Anti-electric Shock Degree: Type B equipment
Degree of Protection against Harmful Ingress of Water:
Main Unit: Ordinary equipment (Sealed equipment without liquid proof)
Probes: IPX8 Water Ingress Protection Code
Degree of Safety in Presence of Flammable Gases:
Equipment not suitable for use in presence of flammable gases
Working System: Continuous running equipment
EMC: CISPR 11 Group 1 Class B

Physical Characteristic:

Main Unit
Size: 168 mm x 31 mm x 67 mm
Weight: about 350 g (including the battery)

Weight: <100 g
Cable Length: 2 m
Size (vascular probe): 25 mm x 115 mm

Charge Stand (optional)
Size: 96 mm x 93 mm x 100 mm
Weight: <200 g


Temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C ( +41ºF ~ +104ºF)
Humidity: 25% RH ~ 80% RH(non-condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa

Transport and Storage:
Temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C (-4ºF ~ +131ºF)
Humidity: 25% RH ~ 93% RH (non-condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure: 70 kPa ~106 kPa


No display – only Audio

Vascular Performance:

Operation Mode: CW

Nominal Frequencues:
4.0 MHz Vascular Probe 4.0 MHz
5.0 MHz Vascular Probe 5.0 MHz
8.0 MHz Vascular Probe 8.0 MHz

Working Frequency
4.0 MHz Vascular Probe (4.0±10%) MHz
5.0 MHz Vascular Probe (5.0±10%) MHz
8.0 MHz Vascular Probe (8.0±10%) MHz

4.0 MHz/5.0 MHz/8.0 MHz Vascular Probe p- < 1 MPa Iob < 25 mW/cm2 Ispta < 100 mW/cm2

Effective Radiating Area of Transducer

4.0 MHz Vascular Probe (32±15%) mm2
5.0 MHz Vascular Probe (32±15%) mm2
8.0 MHz Vascular Probe (14±15%) mm2

Auto Shut down:
1 minute after no signal or operation, auto shut down
Probe replacement, auto shut down

Recommended Battery Type:
Alkaline battery (AA LR6 1.5 V)

Ultrasonic Gel:
pH: 5.5~8.0
Acoustic Impedance: 1.5×106~1.7×106 Pa . s/m (in 35°C(95ºF))

Additional information
Weight5 kg

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