Saikang X36 Prone Examination Couch

$2,300 + GST

The Saikang X36 Examination Couch will offer an affordable solution for your clinic. the X36 Features a 3-section surface with a proning feature.
Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.


Saikang X36 Prone Examination Couch

The Saikang X36 Prone Examination couch is a single-motor design with a very versatile reversing 3-Section feature.

Ideally suited for general medicine with added podiatry and proctology applications.

Saikang X36 Prone Examination Couch – Specifications

External Size (LxWxH) 1860x690x460-910 mm
Back Plate Upward Fold ≥80°
Back Plate Downward Fold ≥50°
Leg Plate Upward Fold ≥65°
Leg Plate Downward Fold ≥45°
Bearing Capacity ≥150kg
Headrest Hole 150 mm
Input Voltage 110-230v
Output Power 24W Technical configuration



Motor 1pc
Pillow 1pc
Gas Spring 2pcs
Brake Pedal 4pcs
3″ Double Wheel 4pcs
Manual Operator 1pc

Bed Frame

The bed frame surface is painted with 1.5mm powder-coated steel, and welded by Panasonic Robotic seamlessly.  Strong corrosion resistance, environmentally friendly, bright surface, maintains an overall beautiful appearance. With this structure, the whole bed maintains more stable and makes patients feel more safe.
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The bed platform is integrally made of high-end composite leather and hand-made cotton mattress, of which the curve design is ergonomic, elastic and soft, breathable, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, and impact-resistant.

Pneumatic Pole Support

Two air springs are equipped on the back and legs to provide users with a quiet and safe environment during diagnosis and avoid interference.

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Control System

CE-certified linear actuator motor, one-button free lift, low noise, and long service life. Manual (foot control) electric overall lifting, manual back-rest lifting, leg-rest lifting adjustment, height adjustment.

Hand Controller

The bed is equipped with a Hand-held controller so that the optimal height is easy to adjust by pressing the single button gently. The hook on the back is convenient to take down for patients and nurses.

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Bed Foot Equipment

Equipped with 4pcs 3-inch double-sided wheels, 2 functions side brake with 4 pedals, which are convenient to move and fix. The design of the 360°rotating pulley made of polyurethane PU is strong, durable, non-slip, strong in pressure resistance, and good stability.

Assorted Pillow

The neoteric design of the pillow is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom. Its well-shaped and elegant design matches modern aesthetic ideas and can blend into the environment harmoniously. The Pillow can be disassembled according to demand.

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Round Covered Edge

The bed platform was covered in 360°. The soft-touch of surface would be safer for users.


The bed surface has good ergonomic design, adjusting the height according to the patient’s height, and personalized design helps with diagnosis. Dual use of bed and chair, high bearing lasting stability, no fear of heavy pressure impact, to ensure safe use.

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Additional information
Weight100 kg


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